Booking a Hotel Room for a Large Family

Want Lower Hotel Rates? 3 Simple Tips That Just Might Work

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Most people know how to get a great deal on a hotel room, but this does not mean that they are knowledgeable of every opportunity that is available to them. If you sometimes find yourself looking at hotel prices, but are not satisfied with the standard rates that you get online and through the phone, you should look into other ways that you can lower your hotel rates with moderate success. These methods are not going to work for every hotel or in every situation, but they are certainly worth attempting. Open Up Negotiations Booking a hotel has never been a tough task, and it is only easier with online booking. You go online, look at the rates, put in your information, send it in, and get a confirmation. While this is quick and easy, it does mean that you are missing out on an opportunity to save money on hotel rates. The key is to open up negotiations, which you can accomplish through the phone or in person. The easiest way for you to have success with this tactic is when rooms are not filling up. An empty room is not going to make them any money, so some hotel managers will listen to offers. Negotiating on the phone is the ideal method because you get to guarantee a room before you go on your trip. Become a Shareholder If you are willing to invest some of your money, you can become a shareholder of hotel companies. With so many options, the best thing that you can do is to contact your favorite hotel companies and see if they offer lower rates to their shareholders. It is one of the most consistent ways to enjoy savings, so it is definitely worth looking into if you frequently travel or go on business trips. Request a Faulty Room It is not uncommon for hotels to have work-in-progress rooms. Something as simple as a television not working will stop a hotel from giving it to one of their guests, and you can use this to your advantage. It is best to do this shortly before going on a trip or even when you arrive for the highest chance of success. For the most part, hotels want to quickly fix the problem in a given room and get it ready for business, so you should not expect to book such a room several weeks or months in advance. When typical rates are not low enough, you can get creative to expand your opportunities for saving money. Contact a local hotel for more about this...

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Choosing A Quality Executive Suite For Your Next Business Trip

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If you travel frequently for business, staying in hotels can often become stale after just a few trips. Executive suits are designed to cater to the business person, giving them more amenities and providing business travelers with some of the comforts of home. Before you book your next hotel for an upcoming business trip, look for these qualities to find a good executive suite that will be able to give you a better environment as you travel. Built in Kitchens Most executive suites come with an included kitchen. Although most are smaller in size, they come with the essentials you will need to be able to cook in your room. Business meetings can be tiring, and it’s often easier to simply make something in your room rather than have to travel to find somewhere to eat. These kitchens usually come with a sink, small refrigerator, microwave, and stove top. Being able to cook on your stay can provide you with a little bit of the comforts of home, and it’s less expensive than going out for a meal every day. Business-Specific Amenities High quality executive suites are catered to the business person on the go. Some of the services you’ll find include an on-site dry cleaners so you can press and clean your business suit. There are also areas in the hotel where you can enjoy free WiFi at a desk so you can get work done. Many also offer services like free fax machine use and free use of a copier, so you can handle all of your business needs in one place. The front desk can also receive mail and packages for you during your stay, so there’s no need to worry about holding off on getting important mail. Other Amenities For the business traveler on the go, having extra perks at the hotel can make the experience much more pleasant. Look for a hotel that has extra amenities like a pool, hot tub, tennis courts, or a walking trail. Some also have an in-hotel gym that is free to use during your stay. While the standard hotel doesn’t usually have on-site laundry services for residents, executive suites typically have a laundry room where you can take care of your clothing on site. Some even give this service for free as part of the room charge. Find out what kinds of extras your next executive suit has to offer so you can find a place that will make being away from home more...

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Visiting BC? Have Your Loonies And Toonies Ready For Tipping

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Whether you’re visiting British Columbia from elsewhere in the country or are crossing the border from the U.S. to enjoy what this Canadian province has to offer, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself using a hotel, such as Anco Motel, as a home base for your adventures. Regardless of the amount of time you actually spend inside the hotel, don’t forget that a number of staff members are working diligently to make your stay pleasant. Tipping is a key element of every hotel stay and there are many people you should tip to convey your thanks. Before your stay, place a few Loonies and Toonies in your pocket to ensure you’ve got cash on hand when you need it. Here’s who you need to tip. Valet Service If your hotel has valet service, it’s appropriate to tip–but only at the tail end of the transaction. When you arrive and hand over your car keys to the valet, you don’t need to worry about also giving him or her money. Instead, hand the tip to the valet who returns your car to you when you need it. Although there are many schools of thought on how much to tip, between $2 and $5 is generally a sufficient amount. You should always tip whether the valet service is free or has an associated fee. Bellhop The valet isn’t the only person you should think about tipping outside the hotel. If a bellhop is on hand to unload your luggage from your car and transport it to your room on your behalf, give him or her an average of $1 to $2 per item. It’s generally a good practice to tip closer to $2 if the item is heavy. If you’d rather not have to tip for this service, it’s proper etiquette to politely decline the bellhop’s help–just do it right away rather than after he or she has started to assemble your luggage. Doorman An efficient hotel doorman can perform a variety of services on your behalf, but not everything should equate to a tip. You don’t need to tip the doorman when he opens the door for you. It’s proper, however, to give a tip of about $2 if he hails a taxi for you. If he hails a taxi and loads your luggage, tip about $5. Housekeeping Don’t be among the 30 percent of hotel guests who don’t tip the housekeeper. A skilled housekeeper can drastically improve the comfort of your stay by keeping your room tidy and stocked with the essentials, so tipping to convey your thanks is only sensible. Tip about $2 if you’re staying at a budget hotel and between $3 and $5 at a fancier...

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3 Reasons To Go Boutique For Your Next Hotel Stay

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Are you looking to go on vacation but also want something unique or different than what you’ve done in the past? One way you could possibly accomplish this would be to stay at a boutique hotel in the city you are traveling to instead of going with a big name chain hotel. Going boutique isn’t just about saving money either, it can often provide an interesting experience for your trip that you otherwise would not have gotten. Here are 3 reasons you might want to go boutique for your next vacation. Get Inspired Many boutique hotels are known for artistic decor or interesting architectural design. If you are going to a different part of the country, a boutique hotel may be decorated in a way that celebrates the local culture. If you are the creative type, this might be what you need to get inspired yourself or come up with an idea for a new project.  Location Most big name chain hotels are usually located in a congested area of downtown or otherwise smack in the middle of tourist central. A boutique hotel is more likely to be located somewhere out of the way of all of that congestion so you can relax and unwind, while still being reasonably close to your destination. Specialized Service At a big hotel, you are just one of likely hundreds of travelers who will be staying on the property. All hotels try to give every guest a great experience, but at a boutique hotel you are more likely to be viewed as a person instead of just another random guest. Many boutique hotel owners are involved in the day to day management themselves and will go out of their way to make sure that you are being taken care of. The bottom line is that you stand to get more personal attention from a boutique hotel than from a big chain. Unique Amenities This may not be true for every boutique hotel, but many of them try to stand out by offering unique amenities that the big hotels might not. For example, there might be a free cocktail hour or meet and greet in the hotel lobby every night. Other boutiques have been known to throw a board game night or artwork discussion. This is a great way to mingle with other hotel guests and make some new friends, especially if you are traveling alone. Boutique hotels are known for being less expensive than big hotel chains, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider staying at one. At a boutique hotel, you have a better chance of getting specialized service, and you’ll get to enjoy unique decor and amenities that can lead to a very interesting stay. Talk to experts like Rosslyn Inn & Suites Ltd for more...

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How To Save On Downtown Hotels

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If you’ve been researching vacation plans and hotel rates this season, you know that you can spend a lot of money just on accommodations if you’re not careful, especially if you want to stay in the heart of the city. In fact, the average price of a hotel room in North America rose by three percent in 2013. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help reduce the lodging costs for your family vacation. Five tips for saving money on downtown hotels 1. Skip the view. A view of the downtown skyline and a view of the hotel parking lot both look the same when the drapes are closed. However, the city view often costs significantly more than the ordinary parking lot view. Instead of splurging on a view of the neighboring buildings, treat your family to a nice dinner or a trip to a museum. 2. Pay in advance. Many hotels and travel companies offer discounts for customers who pre-pay their hotel stay. However, be sure of your dates and your plans before you commit. Many of these rates are non-refundable. 3. Factor in transportation. While a downtown might be more expensive, by staying downtown you may be in a better position to take advantage of public transportation, saving you a bundle in taxi fares, parking fees and/or car rental expenses. Many cities, such as Toronto and Vancouver, offer public transportation from directly from the airport to the city center. 4. Say “no” to extras. Even when you find a good rate, the extras like WiFi, phone calls and breakfast can rack up a sizable bill. Instead, take advantage of the free WiFi at the corner coffee shop, forgo the mini-bar and check your cell phone plan to make sure you can call for free within Canada before setting out on your trip. 5. Be loyal. You don’t have to be a regular frequent traveler to take advantage of the perks offered by joining hotel chain loyalty programs. Such programs can yield room upgrades, free WiFi, breakfasts and other amenities. “Travel + Leisure” magazine calls joining a hotel loyalty program the best way to keep your lodging costs in check. Going on vacation doesn’t have to break your family’s budget. By paying in advance, joining hotel loyalty clubs and saying no to high-priced amenities, you can enjoy a downtown hotel while still not exceeding your planned travel expenditures. As you search for the perfect hotel, one place you can take a look at is Cartier Place...

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