Want Lower Hotel Rates? 3 Simple Tips That Just Might Work

Most people know how to get a great deal on a hotel room, but this does not mean that they are knowledgeable of every opportunity that is available to them. If you sometimes find yourself looking at hotel prices, but are not satisfied with the standard rates that you get online and through the phone, you should look into other ways that you can lower your hotel rates with moderate success. [Read More]

Choosing A Quality Executive Suite For Your Next Business Trip

If you travel frequently for business, staying in hotels can often become stale after just a few trips. Executive suits are designed to cater to the business person, giving them more amenities and providing business travelers with some of the comforts of home. Before you book your next hotel for an upcoming business trip, look for these qualities to find a good executive suite that will be able to give you a better environment as you travel. [Read More]

Visiting BC? Have Your Loonies And Toonies Ready For Tipping

Whether you're visiting British Columbia from elsewhere in the country or are crossing the border from the U.S. to enjoy what this Canadian province has to offer, it's likely that you'll find yourself using a hotel, such as Anco Motel, as a home base for your adventures. Regardless of the amount of time you actually spend inside the hotel, don't forget that a number of staff members are working diligently to make your stay pleasant. [Read More]

3 Reasons To Go Boutique For Your Next Hotel Stay

Are you looking to go on vacation but also want something unique or different than what you've done in the past? One way you could possibly accomplish this would be to stay at a boutique hotel in the city you are traveling to instead of going with a big name chain hotel. Going boutique isn't just about saving money either, it can often provide an interesting experience for your trip that you otherwise would not have gotten. [Read More]